How to change your smiley piercing

how to change your smiley piercing

How To Hide Your Smiley Piercing (SUPER EASY!!) ilksen germanotta . How long have you had this piercing. this is just a quick video i made to how to change your smiley piercing ! hopefully you like it! you can also see. this is just a quick video i made to how to change your smiley piercing ! hopefully you like it! you can also see a old video i have of me piercing. Also known as scrumper or frenulum piercing, it is placed on a very thin line of skin that connects the upper lip to the gum line. Well the tissue of the upper lip frenulum is quite thin and the actual piercing is very fast. I can't get the ball off of my smiley piercing: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It will irritate and lengthen the healing process. Paige Aug 9, at 5: Submit a new text post. Find an APP shop near you. The great thing about jewelry bayern munich basketball the smiley piercing is that you have a good amount of options. I got my smiley done with a straight bar its been 3 weeks and its healed i tried to unscrew the balls to change it n they jst wont move what should i do? Keep in mind that spending a few extra dollars to get pierced in a professional shop will cost much less than a visit to the doctors or dentists office later. Patience as they say, is a virtue. This, over time, irritates your gums and can cause gum recession. Also try not to bite your lips alot. If you are looking for how to take care of a smiley piercing, it is important to know that utmost oral hygiene is paramount. How to change your Smiley Piercing! Other factors such as smoking, general health and diet can also prolong or shorten the healing time. Get a bit of toilet roll and hold the edge of the ball, it should just push right. My Account Help Desk Track Order My Basket.

How to change your smiley piercing Video

Smiley Piercing (Self-pericing, Tips, Cleaning, Q&A) This includes fresh dermal punches. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Also known as frowny piercing, it is done on the lower lip frenulum- an exact opposite of the smiley on the upper lip frenulum. The Risks While this is a cool piercing to get, it does come with a couple potential high risks. Emmy Covey Jun 20, at 1: This can lead to an infection which is not good. This quirky piercing is pierced through the upper lip frenulum — the thin piece of tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum. This is the big risk with this piercing. Getting into an argument or long conversations. I'm not too sure what to do

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